How would I cite a film with Bibtex? My primary problem is getting the directory and producers fields to show up. I am using the apacite for my bibliography package.

I need to get a citation that looks like this:

Macdonald, A. & Reich, A. (Producers) & Garland, P. (Director). (2015). Ex Machina [Motion picture]. United Kingdom: Universal Studios.


You can use biblatex!.

Here is an example, using biblatex-apa. I had to add lines stating that the director and producer should be used as authors in citations of movies.

    \usepackage[style=apa, natbib]{biblatex}


    I've seen a movie \citep{machida2015}.


The file.bib file:

  title =   {Ex Machina},
  producer= {Macdonald, A. and Reich, A.}     
  director = {Garland, P.},
  year = {2015},
  publisher = {United Kingdom: Universal Studios.}
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    A tip: for displayed code, select it and click on the {} button (or hit Control-K). – egreg Oct 11 '15 at 22:35

Biblatex has movie and video entry types, but these are unsupported, and they are treated as a misc type. You might define custom fields producer and director and adapt the macros for another entry type to these types.

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