I am running TexMaker 4.4.1 on a Macbook with El Capitan iOS. It seems like the problem started after updating my Macbook.

When i quick build no errors happen and no Pdf is showing.

Quick build is set to PdfLaTex + View PDF

The only way i can see the Pdf is the View PDF next to the Quick Build option. But it shows a pdf containing files not even activated or existing anymore in my master.

Things i have tried:

Delete PDF (Results in a PDF file not found error)

Delete all aux logs etc on all documents (it won't build new aux logs etc)

Delete all text only having a chapter or blank page (no errors but not showing a pdf)

Run all type of build options 10 times (nothing changed)

Changing the quick build command in preferences to the one with a lot of commands while building and building it 10 times, which takes quite some time :P (Nothing changed)

Making a conflict by changing a file path to force an build error ( Quickbuild will make errors and won't build it. But i can view the old PDF with the view pdf option next to quick build, showing text not even existing in my files)

Tried using a build subdirectory for output files in preferences (Error in building)

What ever i do it won't show a pdf after quick building, only when i use the view pdf option, which then shows an old pdf file.

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