Somehow the text between the formulas also have the formula "style". I want it to look like the text above the first formula (normal

The second picture is of the code as it's stand right now. If i remove the second $ in the end of the first formula and place it before the last frac of the first formula the text works, but the formula doesn't


EDIT: I tried the first fix, and the text came out alright, but the formual had errors. The code:

\[\Delta \mu = ((\[\frac{\partial \mu}{\partial \theta}\]\ \Delta \theta)^2+(\[\frac{\partial \mu}{\partial a}\]\ \Delta a)^2)^\[\frac{1}{2}\]\ \]    Regner så usikkerheten med hensyn på  for konstant fart ved hjelp av formelen 

(for the top formula, the last one works just fine. ) This is the new formula. New formula

  • you have \[ inside $ ... $ remove all the $ and the \newline and just have a single \[..\] around each display. Please always post code not just an image of code – David Carlisle Oct 13 '15 at 14:41
  • In your edit you have \[\Delta \mu = ((\[ that is starting a display math inside display math, which doesn't work (and can't mean anything) just remove the inner \[ Also, I edited the question for language. – David Carlisle Oct 13 '15 at 15:45

You want something like: enter image description here



zzzz $\mu_2$ zzz formua:
\[\Delta \mu = ((\frac{\partial x}{\partial y}  \ldots\]
for konstant zzzformual:

  • Thanks, have class but I'll try it later. – Mona Oct 13 '15 at 15:13

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