I'm using KOMA-Script to write a report. I want the header of the chapters to be unnumbered in the text, but numbered in the ToC. And i also want the sections in this chapter to be numbered as if the chapters were numbered normally. I tried to use \addchap{Introduction}, but it didn't worked the way i wanted to. It removed the number from the Chapter header, but it also lead to the sections be numbered as 0.1/0.2/etc. And it also removed the number in the ToC.



\renewcommand*{\abstractname}{\Large Abstract}
\renewcommand{\contentsname}{\centering Contents}











This produces a header without number and wrong numbered sections and no number in the ToC. I want the sections to be numbered 1.1/1.2/etc and "1. Introduction" in the ToC but no number in front of the chapter header "Introduction" in the text.

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You can redefine \chapterformat:



\usepackage{blindtext}% dummy text

enter image description here

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