In order to understand all the design decisions in classes and packages distributed with TeX/LaTeX, and for my such choices of my own I've looked around for a basic but useful "Beginners Guide to Typography". Theories, thoughts etc (as well as schools of thought).

EDIT: I'm generally interested in the subject, but lean towards print, thesis and non-fiction typography.

I hope this is the right place to ask this and that there are loads of answers.

Cheers Mats

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The OP asked me to write up my comment as an answer, so here it is.

In the comments, I suggested Robert Bringhurst's, The Elements of Typographic Style (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elements_of_Typographic_Style). I first saw it on a library shelf, when I was looking for books related to fonts. I borrowed it, finished it quickly, and had to go out and purchase my own copy.

It is visually beautiful, even as it employs a narrow page size that is a little unusual. It combines the right amount of philosophy, history, and technical detail to appeal to a wide audience.

One can peek under the hood at http://typographica.org/typography-books/the-elements-of-typographic-style-4th-edition/. It is worth a look.


In addition to Bringhurst and Felici, I’d recommend the following:

  • Better Type: Learn to see subtle distinctions in the faces and the spaces of text type. Achieve legible, beautiful, and expressive type every time. by Betty Binns
  • Thames & Hudson Manual of Typography
  • Linotype Operator’s Manual — you should be able to find this in a decent library

Also, the initial portion of the manual for the documentclass memoir is an interesting effort at a typography primer.

  • Thanks. I browsed both Thames & Hudson as well as Linotype following the tips in the comments to my question. Having a tendency to get off track I concentrate on Felici which was a PDF until Bringhurst arrive. Thanks for your answer. I'm sure I'll get back to those books though. I'll check out Binns book right away so it's in there when the time comes. Cheers. – Mats Oct 14 '15 at 15:25

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