In my last question, here, I asked how to draw a curved line with a tensor below a node on it. Now I would like to draw a more complicated figure with tikz: a curved line with nodes and tensors on it that lie on a gradient background. Something like this: enter image description here Thanks for your help!

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One option:

enter image description here

The code:



\filldraw[left color=gray!30,right color=black!60]
  (-2,-3) to[out=20,in=160]
  (11,-2) to[out=110,in=230]
  (13,4) to[out=180,in=20]
  (-1,3) to[out=220,in=130]
\draw[line width=2pt] 
  (0,0) ..controls (2,2) and (5,-1) .. (10,2)
    node[fill,circle,minimum size=8pt,inner sep=0pt,pos=0.4,label=below:{$\tensor{g}{_a_b}$},label=above:{$t=0$}] {}
    node[fill,circle,minimum size=8pt,inner sep=0pt,pos=0.8,label=below:{$\tensor{g}{_a_b}$},label=above:{$t$}] {};
\node at (10,-1) {$\tensor{h}{_a_b}$};

  • Thanks. But first, the background is not gradient. How can I made it gradient? Second, I would like to write right bottom in the shape in background another tensor. With labeling a node at the corner I could not do this.
    – Astrolabe
    Oct 14, 2015 at 15:54
  • @H.B. Please see my updated answer. Is it something like that what you need? Oct 14, 2015 at 16:02

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