I am using Beamer for the first time. I use setbeamercolor to change most of the colors of the miniframes and so on. But how to I change the color of the highlighted text in the headline and table of content. Right now it is bright green.


%% General document %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%% Beamer Layout %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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    Could you provide a complete example? With that preamble, I don't get any green. What other things are you setting? Sep 2, 2011 at 22:53

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To change theme-specific highlighting colours then, in addition to the settings applied by \usecolortheme, you can use specific \setbeamercolor commands such as:

\setbeamercolor{section in toc shaded}{fg=red}
\setbeamercolor{section in toc}{fg=blue}

to change the colour of text in the table of contents (assuming by 'highlighted' you mean 'not shaded'?) and

\setbeamercolor{section in head/foot}{fg=red}

to change the colour of section text in the headline.

See section 17 of the beamer user guide and beamercolorthemedefault.sty for more details on colours and the names of areas/characters that can be specified. The latter also indicates the parent/child relationships.

  • Thank you Andrew and Mas! I used \hypersetup{colorlinks=true,anchorcolor=yellow,linkcolor=green,menucolor=cyan} and therefore my TOC text was green. Now its white or black depending on the background.
    – Romina
    Sep 5, 2011 at 19:40

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