I'm trying to format a table using siunitx. There's a column I want to have with scientific notation in which zero-exponents are retained, but the output doesn't put the zero-exponent there even with the retain-zero-exponent option set. I've tried debugging by doing silly things like changing the retain-zero-exponent option setting to being in the preamble and changing the input exponent symbol from E to e but nothing is working.



                S[round-mode=places, round-precision=2, scientific-notation=true, retain-zero-exponent=true]}
{Thing}&     {Number}  \\
   Ex1&     7.91472E0  \\
   Ex2&     7.68513E-6 \\
   Ex3&     3.71188E0  \\
   Ex4&     9.30066E3  \\


This is probably something that could be documented better: what you are seeing is an interaction between scientific-notation and retain-zero-exponent. When you set scientific-notation = true the code is auto-processing all numbers to be in normalised exponent form. That means that you no longer have the situation that the input exponents are retained. Thus retain-zero-exponent has (deliberately) no effect here.

  • I removed the scientific-notation=true from the option flags, and it now works well. It's a slightly annoying fix because in my actual data not all numbers are actually in scientific notation (e.g. a number might be 135.43), and so now I need to go in and convert those manually. Good enough for my particular case though. – efremdan1 Oct 15 '15 at 9:26

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