Does anyone know how to draw a line which looks like \mapsto by using \draw[...]... in TikZ?

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    -1: Doesn't show any effort. I don't know any TikZ, but I don't think this should be too hard. (If something about it were hard, the specific problem could've been articulated.) We don't want "please do this for me" questions. – doncherry Sep 3 '11 at 20:55

This uses the solution from How to make an arrow bigger and change its color in TikZ? to adjust the size of the arrow.


\[a \mapsto b\]

\draw [red, |->, decoration={markings,mark=at position 1 with {\arrow[scale=1.7,red]{>}}},
    shorten >=0.4pt
] (0,0) node [black,left] {$a$} -- (0.4,0) node [black,right] {$b$};

enter image description here

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