Are there fiction novels written in LaTeX?

I am not interested in technical books, but in proper fictional novels.


As mentioned in the comments, my crime fiction novel was typeset using LaTeX with memoir, microtype and lettrine. The font was TeX Gyre Termes. The document also used glossaries, which admittedly isn't quite so common for novels.

My children's fiction books used the extarticle class with flowfram to layout the pages. There's a little more information about the production process for one of them that had double-page spread images.

I've also used LaTeX for poetry, short stories, correspondence, designing posters, art exhibition catalogues, and pretty much most things that require putting text on a page. If I'm feeling really lazy I may use LibreOffice to write a single line of large text on a sheet of paper (such as "Entrance", "Exit" etc) where I can't be bothered to even save the file but in those situations I sometimes simply resort to using a big marker pen.

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Why limit yourself to novels? I have seen LaTeXed books such as fairy stories, poetry, exploration, prayer, quotations, etc. Not necessarily printed and available from bookshops but some being privately printed for friends and family of the LaTeXers.

On occasions I do traditional letterpress printing and always produce a LaTeX version of the text before setting any type to see how the layout will turn out (do I need to lengthen/shorten the text block? do I need to make it wider/narrower? etc).

I write all my non-email correspondence using LaTeX.

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