Consider the following :

\NC a \NC b \NC\SR

It won't compile if I switch to \startTABLE. On the other hand, the following won't compile if I switch to starttable :

\NC a \NC b \NC\NR

(it will compile if I replace only \stopTABLE with \stoptable, though…).

Indeed, \starttable needs arguments and \startTABLE doesn't understand \SR. Also, there are noticeable differences between the displayed results.

Is this expected ? If so, most web search engines not being case sensitive, are difference between \starttable and \startTABLE documented somewhere ?


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\starttable loads the old macro based on \TeX\ 's \TaBlE, which is outdated.

\startTABLE calls the modern and more ConTeXT'way module natural table.

That's all.


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