I am using beamer to make presentations. I use

\begin{frame}<beamer:1>[plain] ... 

to show this slide and I change it to

\begin{frame}<beamer:0>[plain] ... 

if I want to omit this slide.

The problem is that \pause does not work inside \begin{frame}<beamer:1>[plain].

  • Welcome! Can you provide a complete minimal example we can compile? – cfr Oct 21 '15 at 21:00

When you pass <beamer:1> it tells Beamer to include exactly the slide 1, and only that slide, from the frame when in the relevant mode. If you want it to include all slides from the frame, just say you want slides 1 and later.


  Some stuff
  Further points about the first lot of stuff
  Some other stuff

The overlay specification 1 says just slide 1. 1- says slides 1 onwards:

1 and later

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