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The math font looks spectacular here, and I want to use it for my thesis (LaTeX): https://www.fernuni-hagen.de/stochastik/downloads/gruberhagen.pdf

A sample: enter image description here

An ideal answer would involve a few lines that could be placed in a preamble without downloading extra stuff (I'm using Latexian).

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    I have several reservations about using a sans serif font for the text and serif for math. – egreg Oct 22 '15 at 9:00
pdffonts Downloads/gruberhagen.pdf 
name                            type              encoding         emb sub uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- ---------------- --- --- --- ---------
XOJITZ+LucidaSans-Demi          Type 1            Custom           yes yes no      74  0
ZLAUHV+LucidaSans               Type 1            Custom           yes yes no      75  0
RTWJVE+LucidaNewMath-AltItalic  Type 1            Builtin          yes yes no     134  0
DPZYFZ+LucidaNewMath-Symbol     Type 1            Builtin          yes yes no     135  0
OSTXAW+LucidaBright             Type 1            Custom           yes yes no     136  0
UXBXDG+LucidaNewMath-Arrows     Type 1            Builtin          yes yes no     137  0
ULGBMZ+LucidaNewMath-Extension  Type 1            Builtin          yes yes no     355  0
VIGTFE+LucidaSans-Italic        Type 1            Custom           yes yes no     505  0
Helvetica                       Type 1            MacRoman         no  no  no     887  0

Luicida Math is a commercial font and available at the TUG store: http://tug.org/store/lucida/


Issuing strings gruberhagen.pdf | grep FontName yields

/FontName /UXBXDG+LucidaNewMath-Arrows
/FontName /ULGBMZ+LucidaNewMath-Extension
/FontName /RTWJVE+LucidaNewMath-AltItalic
/FontName /DPZYFZ+LucidaNewMath-Symbol
/FontName /OSTXAW+LucidaBright
/FontName /XOJITZ+LucidaSans-Demi
/FontName /VIGTFE+LucidaSans-Italic
/FontName /ZLAUHV+LucidaSans

You can use \usepackage{lucidabr} in your preamble. If you do not have this package, you can download it on CTAN.

This document gives more information on Lucida OpenType.

I just read a bit more about it here and it seems that Lucida is not available for free.


When you look at the document properties in your pdf viewer, you see it uses Lucida Sans (for text) and Lucida New Math. It's not free and is available from TUG.

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