I'm trying to convert a LaTeX document to a webpage that'll be hosted on a server that's capable of processing and rendering simple TeX equations, but not doing section-level formatting.

So I'm trying to convert the document to HTML using TeX4ht, but leave the equations in the form $ my-eq-here $ in the resulting HTML to have the server process them and be able to modify them later. Any ideas on how to accomplish this using TeX4ht?


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htlatex provides support for jsMath out of the box:

htlatex file "xhtml,jsmath" " -cmozhtf"

If you need output for a different engine, htlatex offers fine control on how math is to be output. In the Q/A section of the manual an example is shown that can be adapted to any use case.

To output the original LaTeX source surrounded by $ signs, create a file my.cfg in the same directory as the main .tex file with the following contents:


Now the command

htlatex file 'my'

produces a HTML file where the all inline equations are represented as their (equivalent) LaTeX source.

You can use the same switches after my as with html. Replace {html} by {xhtml} in my.cfg to get XHTML output.

  • A spurious space appears in commands that take arguments: If I compile $\mathbb{A}$, $\mathrm{A}$, $\text{A}$ I get $\mathbb {A}$, $\mathrm {A}$, $\text {A}$. How can I get rid of the extra space?
    – Manu
    Commented May 1, 2018 at 15:29

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