I'm writing a thesis with memoir. The numerous footnotes are rendered as sidenotes (marginpars) using memoir's \footnotesinmargin (memman.pdf p245). This, with the addition of the marginfix package, produces very satisfactory results.

However, even with judicious use of \setFloatBlock{section} and \usepackage{morefloats} (from this question), the total number of floats sometimes exceeds 36, causing "Too many unprocessed floats" or (with morefloats) "Too many floats requested" errors. \usepackage[morefloats=n]{morefloats} also throws the latter error.

The output in fact looks OK, but I would like to fix this error. This answer mentions that with LaTeX from 01.01.2015, there is the facility to simply request \extrafloats. I have upgraded to TexLive 2015, but this doesn't seem to work if the document's class is memoir. With an minimal working example like:

\title{Memoir with extrafloats}

I get a fatal error like:

! Missing = inserted for \ifnum.
<to be read again> 
l.2 \extrafloats{100}

Is there any easy solution here to get more than 36 floats? I am reluctant to unpick everything when it is otherwise working very well and the answer seems close.

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    I don't get an error with the above code with latest miktex. – user11232 Oct 29 '15 at 4:08
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    This compiles with the latest updates for TeX Live 2015. I know memoir was updated over the summer and there was a latex release earlier in the month. I think installing the latest updates will get you back on track. – brokemongoose Oct 29 '15 at 4:11
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is solved by a package update and therefore cannot be reproduced. – Werner Oct 29 '15 at 5:28

Thank you for the comments, which led me to the solution: update to the latest version of memoir, which doesn't have this error.

For reference, version 3.7c (37021), as bundled with TexLive 2015, exhibited this problem, which is resolved with version 3.7e (37089).

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