After upgrading to El Capitan I fixed the configuration and it is working fine. But it does not export to html with the tex4ht option. It yields the following output:

"/Library/TeX/texbin/htlatex" "/Users/Me/Documents/test.tex" " " " " " " -interaction=nonstopmode
/Library/TeX/texbin/htlatex: line 2: latex: command not found /Library/TeX/texbin/htlatex: line 3: latex: command not found /Library/TeX/texbin/htlatex: line 4: latex: command not found /Library/TeX/texbin/htlatex: line 5: tex4ht: command not found /Library/TeX/texbin/htlatex: line 6: t4ht: command not found
Process exited with error(s)

I could run htlatex through the command line, so the problem seems to be with TexMaker.

Also updated to texmaker 4.5, and now the error message is:

--- warning --- Can't find/open file `path/file.dvi' --- error --- Can't find/open file `path/file.dvi'
--- warning --- Can't find/open file `path/file.lg'

I also tried running LaTeX first in order to create the dvi file, but it doesn't work.


I ran into this same issue using texmaker 4.4.1, but it went away after I updated to 4.5. It looks like 4.5 was only just released on Oct 29.

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  • If this is the general solution, it will most likely become obsolete in the future. As such, would it be a good idea to close this question later? – Werner Nov 5 '15 at 1:54
  • Thanks, but I updated to 4.5 and still have problems. Will update the post with more information. – FabiánV Nov 7 '15 at 10:11
  • Did you install MacTeX-2015? Are you able to typeset in TeXmaker? – Herb Schulz Jun 5 '16 at 12:36

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