I am looking at a PDF file written by someone and I am 90% sure that it was written in LaTeX. But his output is much better than mine. Can anyone tell me which package is this?

enter image description here

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    You can see the names of the fonts used in the pdf's properties.
    – jlk
    Commented Nov 1, 2015 at 16:44

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It is Concrete Roman with Euler math:


\renewcommand{\bfdefault}{m} % Concrete has no boldface


\section{The Two-Phase Simplex Method}

The LP we solved in the previous lecture allowed us to find an
initial BPS very easily.

Consider the LP to
&\textnormal{minimize}\quad   && 6x_1+3x_2 \\
&\textnormal{subject to}\quad &&
  & x_1+x_2  && \ge 1 \\
  & 2x_1-x_2 && \ge 1 \\
  & 3x_2     && \le 2 \\
  & x_1, x_2 && \ge 0
We change from minimization to maximization blah blah.


enter image description here

You should realize that the font is not available in scalable format, only bitmap.


I think that font is computer concrete. Found it luckily from the font catalogue. Thanks guys!

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