Some folks keep sending Word documents to me including ugly watermarks and expect me to use them as well.

Can I include a »watermark« into a document, which rotates in the background, at least, if viewed with Acrobat Reader XI ?

\usepackage{draftwatermark, graphicx}



If you need JavaScript, no problem, if I can embedd it into the PDF... What I'd like to do is making the "image" rotate if the PDF is opened, maybe a frame every 2 seconds.

Not possible, probably!?


You can use the animate package, but to get the graphic in the background you need the "ocg" method:




%works too 




I leave it to you to build a sensible loop content.

  • IT WORKS! Incredible, a rotating background image. So we can have a clock, e.g., with moving hands! Thank you! Well, I'm really satisified, but maybe I find out how to make angle=X a variable from 0° to 360°. – Keks Dose Nov 2 '15 at 17:21

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