• I have PDF images titled pert_u_3_num_0, ..., pert_u_3_num_149

  • I would like to create an animation out of these images, and insert it into a LaTeX Beamer document (with video controls)

  • the PDF images and the LaTeX Beamer document are located in the same folder

I have written a LaTeX Beamer document test.tex (whose full content is given below) by following the instructions on Putting animations into latex beamer presentation. Use png, gif?, which successfully generates test.pdf.

Problem and question:

  • Unfortunately, the resulting test.pdf displays pert_u_3_num_0 as a "poster slide" (with video controls underneath it), but clicking on this "poster slide" does not start an animation (and the video controls don't work and cannot even be clicked on). Could you let me know how to resolve this issue and get a running animation embedded in my LaTeX Beamer document?

TeX file test.tex:







    \frametitle{Slide for video}
    \animategraphics[autoplay, controls]{15}{pert_u_3_num_}{0}{149}


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    What pdf viewer are you using? The animate package says in its doc that are required "Adobe Reader, version ≥ 7 or PDF-XChange Viewer (with option ‘method=widget’ or ‘method=ocg’)". – Clément Nov 21 '15 at 6:52