In order to understand TeX better, and in order to procrastinate on stuff that is almost certainly more important, I'm slowly working my way through a YouTube series of Knuth explaining TeX82 internals and TeX: The Program (which I think describes TeX3).

I'm following it all… more or less. But it's too much to keep in my head, and (literate programming or not) I'm finding text to be a less-than-ideal format for getting a bigger picture of the code.

Is there somewhere a set of diagrams of the major elements of TeX's design—e.g. data structures, flow charts, state machines?

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    Most diagrams that I have seen about TeX\LaTeX are the flow of file generation like this that mostly are out outdated (actually hardly you will need obtain a .pdf through a .dvi or .ps file conversion). May for another issues is simply of little utility. – Fran Nov 4 '15 at 8:49

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