I have a cyclinder (solid) which is little tilted. I want to rotate it about Y-axis. Below is the code-

    \coordinate (ll) at (-2,0); %lower left
    \coordinate (lr) at ( 2,0); %lower right
    \coordinate (ul) at (-2,4); %upper left
    \coordinate (ur) at ( 2,4); %upper right
    \shade [shading angle=90] (ll) arc (-180:-60:2 cm and .75cm) -- +(0,4) arc (-60:-180:2 cm and .75cm) -- cycle;
    \shade [shading angle=270] (lr) arc (0:-60:2 cm and .75cm) -- +(0,4) arc (-60:0:2 cm and .75cm) -- cycle;
    \draw [thick] (ll) arc (-180:0:2 cm and .75cm) -- (ur) arc (0:-180:2 cm and .75cm) -- cycle;
    \draw [thick, shade, shading angle=30] (ul) arc (-180:180:2 cm and .75cm);

Below is the output image-

enter image description here

I want to rotate the cylinder about red line. The red line is passing through the centre of bottom circle.

Is it possible to add nested scope which can achieve it?

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