This is a follow-up question for Aligning numbers by decimal points in table columns.

User lockstep provided this solution:

555 \\
7.77 \\

The accepted answer worked; but I subsequently found that it did not if the numbers are bolded in the table (i.e. within \textbf{}). In this case, everything is flushed left. I do need to use bold face in my case (to direct the user's eyes towards a particular column in a larger table).

To give an example, below is a test table and the output.

   \begin{tabular}{@{}l S[table-format=3.2] S[table-format=3.2]@{}}
          \textbf{Foo} & \textbf{Normal} & \textbf{Bold}  \\
          foo1 & 111 & \textbf{111}\\
          foo2 & 222.2 & \textbf{222.2}\\
          foo3  & 3.33 & \textbf{3.33}\\
          foo4  & 4 & \textbf{4}\\
          foo5  & 5.5 & \textbf{5.5}\\


alt text

I checked the manual but didn't find anything about this. I suppose the presence of the markup confuses the parser to believe there cell is not a number, but this is mere speculation and I could be wrong.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.


You have to use the detect-all package option and to add \bfseries to the column declaration instead of using \textbf for every cell. (Sorry for not answering before - I wrongly assumed you wanted a single cell in bold.)




    \textbf{Foo} & \textbf{Normal} & \textbf{Bold} \\
    foo1 & 111 & 111 \\
    foo2 & 222.2 & 222.2 \\
    foo3 & 3.33 & 3.33 \\
    foo4 & 4 & 4 \\
    foo5 & 5.5 & 5.5 \\

  • @lockstep, thank you for [detect-all], spend 4 hrs and couldn't fix it before. – ceoec May 3 '15 at 13:09

this came up recently in another forum and Joseph came up with a solution. I include his aswer. the key is to use the etoolbox package and \robustify\bfseries

Okay, the way that siunitx works with formatting is a little complex as it has to pick up which macros to expand and which not to. As e-TeX is required, I've taken the attitude that things 'not to expand' can be e-TeX \protected. For the case in hand, you therefore need to make `bfseries` robust. Something like

\robustify\bfseries \sisetup{
detect-weight = true , locale = DE , }

\begin{table} \sisetup{
group-separator = ., table-format = 5.0,
table-number-alignment = right , }
\begin{tabular}{S[table-format = 8.0,
table-number-alignment = right]SlSS} \rowcolor[gray]{0.9}
\bfseries 1234567 & \bfseries 12345 &
\bfseries Test & \bfseries 12345 &
\bfseries 12345 \\ 1234567 & 12345 &
Test & 12345 & 12345 \\


should do the job. I've got a bug fix of siunitx to do, so I'll add a note on this to the documentation. Let me know if the above works for you.

  • Well, I actually had the question lockstep thought the OP had which is to only typeset single cells in bold. This works wonderfully, thanks! – Christian Jan 28 '13 at 17:57

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