I have a little problem with my bibliography in LyX: First, I insert a bibtex-bibliography (Insert -> List/TOC -> BibTeX Bibliography) at the end of my document (in the appendix). For that, I use a *.bib file generated by Citavi 4 (here literature.bib). But I also have some other references manually created in Lyx that I would like to use as reference. Now, what I get are two bibliographies on two pages at the end of my document, each starting with [1], but I would like to have only one page of bibliography, both combined and no overlapping entries of [1]. If there any way of doing this in LyX without putting my manually added references in Citavi and creating a *bib file with all my references?

Here is the minimal Latex-code:

Look it up here: \cite{name1.2000}
Also interesting: \cite{my-ref}
\bibitem{my-ref}My reference



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You can have two bibliography files in the argument of \bibliography. Put your additional references in a file myrefs.bib and call


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