I recently started using ConTeXt and am trying to figure out how to place number sets. Namely, how do I get the natural number and real number sets to look like they do in LaTeX, (i.e. \mathbb{N} and \mathbb{R})?

I found doublestroke, but the font isn't quite the same. Any suggestions?

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From the Blackboard bold page in contextgarden:

Blackboard bold is probably the most common way of denoting the "standard" number sets: the natural numbers, the integers and so on. In AMS-LaTeX, you use the \mathbb{...} command to obtain them; the ConTeXt way is the \blackboard{...} command. Also, the following commands are defined:









  • There is also the font switch {\Bbb ...}.
    – Aditya
    Sep 7, 2011 at 3:18

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