I am trying to import on my document several tables in png format that where created with excel. They already include the caption and the table number so I don't want to include a caption. Following advises given here and there I use the following command:

\addcontentsline{lot}{section}{\protect\numberline\thetable\ignorespaces mytable title}

That way I can import my table and have it listed in the LoT with the correct number. This works perfectly until table 9. For table 10, the list of table splits the 1 and the 0: the 1 is place at the right place but the 0 ends up with the table title.

What I am doing wrong here?

Thanks so much for your help


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\numberline has an argument which should be used with a pair of braces: {...}, otherwise \thetable will be expanded and from 10,.... \numberline sees the leading figure first, i.e. 1, but not the following ones (0,1,etc.) -- those will be treated as being part of the title:

(the \foreach loop is only for demo purposes)




\foreach \x in {10,...,20} {%
\addcontentsline{lot}{section}{\protect\numberline\thetable\ -- wrong usage}
\addcontentsline{lot}{section}{\protect\numberline{\thetable} -- mytable title}


enter image description here

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