I have read this topic and I did as suggested to get my reference in the superscript, but I am not fully pleased with the effect, because when I type in Nicholson and Shain\cite{Nicholson64}. I get my superscript number after the dot, not before. How to force it to be before the dot?

My minmal working example is:

\documentclass[12pt, c5paper]{book}
\usepackage[superscript, biblabel]{cite}


\ldots it was worked out by Nicholson and Shain \cite{Nicholson64}.



and inside biblio.bib file I have:

    journal = "Anal. Chem.",
    volume = "36",
    pages = "706",
    year = "1964",
    author = "R. S. Nicholson and I. Shain",

Just add the nomove option to cite:

\usepackage[superscript, biblabel, nomove]{cite}

enter image description here

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