I'm writing a paper, which follows ACM style in latex. The document class I used is \documentclass{sig-alternate}.

My problem is that when I use natbib package to make the references and citation in sequence, reference heading becomes in lower case and also removes the serial number of the reference section. Note ACM uses a serial number for this section. I have also used other packages for other works. The used packages are as follows:


I am using sigproc file as BibTex database for the reference list, and used the following commands:


The reference section is look like: "Reference", instead of "9. REFERENCE". Please help! Thanks.

  • Since you want to use the natbib package, don't also load the cite package (twice!). – Mico Nov 9 '15 at 6:39

According to the natbib manual one has to redefine \bibsection, thus your can achieve what you want with


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