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What is a good way to show changes between two versions

I was wondering if there is any package that can accomplish a Word-like color scheme for different versions of the same file.

So, if I have the doc.tex and then modify it to be doc-v2.tex. I can somehow tell the package in question that this file is actually a different (newer) version of doc.tex. And then it will put different color to the text that is new/modified in the doc-v2.tex. Just like Word does when you have different revisions.

Is there any package that does something like that? Or do I have to manually change the color for each and every line that is different?


You might be interested in TrackChanges - Collaborative editing of LaTeX documents. From the website abstract:

TrackChanges is a package for collaboratively editing LaTeX documents. It allows multiple editors to make changes and add annotations to a document. These changes and notes will be color coded by editor and added to the compiled document. The TrackChanges GUI allows the author to quickly find and accept, reject or modify the suggested edits.

All changes/modifications to the source file will have to be coded:

\note[editor]{The note}
\annote[editor]{Text to annotate}{The note}
\add[editor]{Text to add}
\remove[editor]{Text to remove}
\change[editor]{Text to remove}{Text to add}

in a very similar manner to marking change in colour.

Alternatively, the latexdiff package allows for similar style tracking of the difference between two sources.

  • Thanks, the latexdiff did the trick. I'm having hard time when the sections titles have changes, because it creates duplicated entries when I hide the deleted text. But I can live with that. – adn Sep 7 '11 at 9:18

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