How can I resize the author's photo in IEEEtran class? Currently, I wrote



When I reduce width and height, a smaller photo is inserted but the canvas size remains unchanged. I mean there is a rectangular canvas in which a photo is inserted. That canvas will be unchanged while the photo looks smaller. Therefore, there is a gap between the photo and the text.


You need to change some parameters used internally by the document class. If you are submitting an article to an IEEE journal then this is not a good idea. It would be better to provide a photo of the appropriate size. Still, since you asked how to do it...

\makeatletter  % Edit the following values as appropriate
\def\@IEEEBIOphotowidth{1cm}    % width of the biography photo area 
\def\@IEEEBIOphotodepth{1cm}   % depth (height) of the biography photo area
% area cleared for photo 
\def\@IEEEBIOhangwidth{1.2cm}    % width cleared for the biography photo area
\def\@IEEEBIOhangdepth{1.2cm}    % depth cleared for the biography photo area 
\begin{IEEEbiography}[{\rule{1cm}{1cm}}]{Mahmood}  % <--- replace rule with picture


  • I think so... Since I have to intentionally modify the internal code, the journal may notice that.. Anyway, thanks – mahmood Nov 12 '15 at 12:54

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