I want to generate chemfig code that instead of having fixed angles allows for some modification of groups of figures in a consistent way. So, I want to write things like the last line below,

               O% 1
     =[:90,0.2]% 25
    -[:150,0.2]% 23
        =_[:90,0.2]% 24
            -[:\fangle{150},0.5in + .01\linewidth]% 29

but nothing works for fangle. For example, all variants of things like these fail,

\newcommand{\fangle}[1]{\FPeval{\sht}{#1 + 999}\FPeval{\ss}{round(\sht,0)}\pgfmathparse{\ss}\pgfmathresult}

While the output of fangle looks ok elsewhere, it never works within chemfig although IIRC it would work if there was no parameter but that does not help much. The length changes seem like they may work however. Thanks.

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