For specific reasons, I'd like to typeset an equation in \mathrm{...}. Also, the document uses T1 font encoding. Now a greek Delta in an equation gets typeset as "" instead unless I use OT1 font encoding (which I don't want). Of course, I could wrap the parts before and after the \Deltaseparately in\mathrm{...}`, but this becomes quite awkward.

\documentclass{beamer} %


  Plain \textbackslash{}Delta: $\Delta$
  \textbackslash{}mathrm: $\mathrm{\Delta}$

Is there another fix for this?

  • You are probably misusing \mathrm. Why do you want to use if for a whole equation? Nov 16, 2015 at 10:59

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The font set up in beamer is somewhat non-standard (to get as much as possible in sans serif). If you want a more 'normal' arrangement, do


which will solve your issue here.

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