I use Bibtex for my bibliography, but I am concerned about the file growing to large to be maintainable. In particular, a considerable amount of my citations occur only once in a project, and I do not want to place in the Bib-tex file just because of just a few lines that put sugar to my thesis.

Can I combine Bibtex with "once-citation", such that the following might be possible:

A few more funny jokes can be found in
\citeonce{EHG50}{type="article", author="Einstein, Grothendieck, Hilbert", title="Really good jokes!" },
which we higly recommend for further references to the topic.

such that the citation is placed in the bibliography. If something similar is achievable, I'll appreciate it as well.

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You don't need a unique big bibliography database: you can use, for example,


where you have bibliography databases main.bib, sec1.bib and sec2.bib. Write a once.bib file in the same directory as the document you're preparing with

  author={Einstein, A. and Grothendieck, A. and Hilbert, D.},
  title={Really good jokes},

in it, and call


where, again, main.bib is your big bibliography database.

BibTeX can only read .aux file for collecting citation keys and .bib file for resolving them.

It's conceivable to define \citeonce in such a way that it writes out a .bib file with the provided data and to patch \bibliography so that it makes BibTeX look also at the created file, but it seems a too complicated approach.

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