Can someone help me to get a result like this with chemfig (or something else)?

enter image description here

i know to get this:

\chemname{\chemfig{Fe^{2+}(-[::90]G)(-[::-90]G)(-[::35]\ce{N-})(-  [::-35]N)(-[::-145]\ce{^{-}N})(-[::145]\ce{N})}}{Myoglobin}

how can i get the dashed bond and the second naming?

enter image description here


The overall structure is a simple table, so a tabular should do fine

  \chemfig{...} & ... \\
  Myoglobin & ... \\
  Fleischfarbe \\
  purpurrot & ... 

As for the chemical formulas: using the bonds optional parameters they are quite easy with chemfig. Here is an example for one of the structures:


    (-[1,,1,,very thick]N^{-})
    (-[3,,1,,very thick,dotted]N)
    (-[5,,1,2,very thick]^{-}|N)
    (-[7,,1,,very thick,dotted]N)


enter image description here

The parameters are

<bond>[<angle>,<length factor>,<departure atom>,<arrival atom>,<tikz options>]
  • @Jaska this is controlled by a parameter bond offset. Search the chemfig manual for \setbondoffset – clemens Nov 20 '15 at 10:57

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