I'm trying to format the caption of a table using "captionsetup", but whatever options I give it have no effect and no error message is returned. I want to format it so that the label and the caption are on two different lines and justified to the left.

Any help on that?

This is my code:

\caption{\\Title of the table}
  • labelsep=newline should do, but with short captions it will still be centered.
    – egreg
    Commented Nov 23, 2015 at 14:51
  • 1
    Maybe the missing piece could be singlelinecheck=false.
    – Johannes_B
    Commented Nov 23, 2015 at 14:59
  • Your \captionsetup[table]{...} is too late since all stored table options of the caption package were already applied at \begin{table}. Therefore you either need to move this line or use \captionsetup{...} instead.
    – user2574
    Commented Nov 24, 2015 at 8:46

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As @egreg and @Johannes_B said in the comments you probably want labelsep=newline and singlelinecheck=false. Without the latter short captions are centered instead of aligned to the left.

BTW: the setup should go in the preamble except you want this setup only for the one table. I'd also use \centering instead of the `center´ environment. The environment inserts additional vertical space.

% the setup belongs into the preamble! you don't want to repeat the setup each
% time you insert a new table.
  labelsep=newline, % <<< label and text on different lines
  singlelinecheck=false % <<< raggadright also when the caption is shorter
                        % than a single line

  \caption{Title of the table}\label{tab:first}
  This is my first table.

  \caption{Title of the table that is a bit longer. Indeed it is longer than
    one line. We still need a little more.}\label{tab:second}
  This is my second table.


enter image description here

  • Cool, thanks.. moving the \captionsetup to the preamble made it work just fine.. but how do I now constrain the caption to the widthspan of the table and not more?
    – Andy
    Commented Nov 25, 2015 at 8:00

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