I would like to define a very plain caption format that simply typesets the caption label and text as if it were normal inline text. Of course I would like to keep the the functionality of \caption (label/ref, hyperlinks, list of figures, etc.). I want to position the caption manually using TikZ nodes.

Is this somehow possible with the caption package?

An example to illustrate what I am trying to do:


    draw=blue, fill=blue!20, 
    inner sep=1cm,
    minimum width=\linewidth}%


    \node[figure] (fig) {Nice figure.};
    \node[caption] at (fig.north) {Figure 0: My figure};

% Does not work
% \captionsetup[figure]{format=plain,skip=0pt,indention=0pt}
% \begin{figure}
% \begin{tikzpicture}
    % \node[figure] (fig) {Nice figure.};
    % \node[caption] at (fig.north) {%
        % \caption{My figure}\label{fig:myfig}};
% \end{tikzpicture}
% \end{figure}
% This is \autoref{fig:myfig}.


Yes, it's possible with the caption package. Just use the \captionof command, for instance inside a parbox:


    \node[figure] (fig) {Nice figure.};
    \node[caption] at (fig.north) {%
        \parbox{4cm}{\captionof{figure}{My figure}\label{fig:myfig}}};
This is \autoref{fig:myfig}.

alt text

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