I am trying to use "texdef" to get a marco/command's definition - but it seems only support a small portion or native marcos. for example, I use

texdef -t latex -f itemize -s -E -F

I can get a lot of output, which contains most information i needed. But when I try to check "includegraphics" marco from "graphics" package by same command, I get no useful information returned.

texdef -t latex -f includegraphics -s -E

So my question is - If I want to check how a macro from a package defined, can I only go through the docs from that package? I use:

texdoc graphics

Then I search the marcos I want to check.

Any good suggestions? thanks a lot!

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    \documentclass{article}\usepackage{graphicx}\begin{document}\ttfamily\meaning\includegraphics\end{document} – Henri Menke Nov 27 '15 at 9:25

With the option -p <package> you can search a package. In your case e.g.

texdef -t latex -s -p graphicx -f includegraphics

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