I have a long text and I want to create a link within the document to a particular paragraph (for example write something like "as shown here" where clicking on "here" will take the reader to that paragraph).

Is this possible to do?

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The easiest way is to use a \hypertarget and \hyperlink pair:

Place the target (i.e. the place to be jumped to) with \hypertarget{foo}{Your text} and refer to it with \hyperlink{foo}{Some other text}.

The destination label foo must be unique of course.

If the link appears in \section{...} etc. arguments, care have to be taken. \hypertarget and \hyperlink have to be protected then with \protect and to comfort hyperref, put it into a \texorpdfstring{...}{...} command then!


If the position to be linked to is near a counter being increased with \refstepcounter, a usual \label{foo} and \ref{foo} is easier of course!




\section{With a hyperlink: \texorpdfstring{\protect\hyperlink{mylink}{As shown here}}{}}
\hyperlink{mylink}{As shown here}


\hypertarget{mylink}{\textbf{Here is the anchor}}


enter image description here


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