I had some troubles with TeX packages installation for my minimal configuration, so I decided to install texlive-full. After that I can't build my document anymore because of missed very basic package cyrtimes.sty.

Beginning of my document:

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{article}

Texmaker Log fragment:

! LaTeX Error: File `cyrtimes.sty' not found.

To install cyrtimes.sty you usually need to do:

$ sudo apt-get install scalable-cyrfonts-tex

But apt recommends to remove texlive-full before doing that.

How can I install cyrtimes.sty keeping texlive-full at my computer?

  • texlive-full version: 2013.20140215-1
  • Texmaker version: 4.1
  • It's really strange that a package meant for TeX disallows having installed texlive-full. Ask the maintainer. – egreg Nov 29 '15 at 13:52
  • I've solved this for my case by using great stub with cyrillic-related styles -- it doesn't require such dependencies. – quasiyoke Nov 30 '15 at 13:53

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