I have drawn a rounded box around my equations using this code :

\tikzmarkin{g}(0.4,-0.5)(-0.2,0.75)r = \frac{n \sum xy - \sum x \sum y}  {\sqrt{[n \sum x^2 - (\sum x)^2][n \sum y^2 - (\sum y)^2]}}\tikzmarkend{g}

I'm wandering how I can add a grey shadow around the outline of the box ?

Thanks for any help!

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    \tikzmarkin is not a command defined by either the tikzmark libary or TikZ itself, can you add a complete example? Edit: OK, I see it's defined by hf-tikz, but still, an MWE would have been preferable. Nov 29, 2015 at 18:50

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Another solution. This one uses tcolorbox instead of mdframed.


    highlight math style={enhanced, drop shadow}

\tcbhighmath{r=\frac{n \sum xy - \sum x \sum y}  {\sqrt{[n \sum x^2 - (\sum x)^2][n \sum y^2 - (\sum y)^2]}}}

enter image description here


Well, this is not rounded box ... but for starting point should serve the following example:


\usepackage[active,tightpage]{preview}% just to show only equation


E = mc^2

Which gives:

enter image description here

When you provide MWE or what you try so far, I will try to adopt this answer to your wish.

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