I'm trying to do a diagram. In this code, the diagonal lines have a good size, but i don't know how to make the horizontal lines bigger. Thanks for your advices!

\begin{tikzcd}[every arrow/.append style={\rightarrow}]
& \mbox{Topos {\'e}tale} & \\
\mbox{N{\'u}mero} \arrow{ur} & \leftrightarrows & \mbox{Espacio}\arrow{ul} \\

Use rr and ll as arguments to \arrow.

enter image description here

& \mbox{Topos {\'e}tale} & \\
\mbox{N{\'u}mero} \arrow[ur]\arrow[rr,yshift=2pt]& & \mbox{Espacio}\arrow[ul]\arrow[ll,yshift=-2pt] \\

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