Is there a way to define a command like \notsoshortintertext with two parameters to define the vertical space before and after it?

The problem I have is that \intertext is to wide on a specific page resulting in a poor page break. And with the \shorintertext I get an underfull vbox. So I would like to tune the vertical space at that point. I've tried to find the definition for \shortintertext, but wasn't able to understand the quite cryptic definition in the mathtools.dtx.


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If no spacing is still too much, you can use negative spacing.


\newcommand{\adjintertext}[3]% #1=above skip, #2=below skip, #3=text
    \vskip-\lineskiplimit      % CCS
    \vskip\normallineskiplimit % CCS
      \else \parshape\@ne \@totalleftmargin \linewidth
    \vskip-\lineskiplimit      % CCS
    \vskip\normallineskiplimit % CCS

x &= a\\
\adjintertext{0pt}{0pt}{no spacing}
y &= b\\
\adjintertext{\baselineskip}{\baselineskip}{big spacing}
z &= c

variable spacing


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