How i modify the last code in link (Work breakdown structure (WBS) TikZ), to make a WBS structure, like a image WBS Image.

I don't know how to introduce a new level in wbs example.


Best Regards, Felipe Fonseca


With stolen code from TeXexamples ... the following can serve as starting point for your effort to make desired tree:


      every node/.style = {draw, rounded corners=3pt, semithick, drop shadow},
            ROOT/.style = {top color=green!60!blue, bottom color=blue!60!green,
                             inner sep=2mm, text=white, font=\bfseries},
              L1/.style = {fill=blue!20},
              L2/.style = {fill=orange!30},
              L3/.style = {fill=green!30, grow=down, xshift=1em, anchor=west, 
      edge from parent path={(\tikzparentnode.south) |- (\tikzchildnode.west)}},
edge from parent/.style = {draw, thick},
              LD/.style = {level distance=#1ex},
             LD1/.style = {level distance=6ex},
             LD2/.style = {level distance=12ex},
             LD3/.style = {level distance=18ex},
         level 1/.style = {sibling distance=32mm}
    % Parents
\node[ROOT] {root}
    [edge from parent fork down]
    child{node[L2] {AAA AAA AAA}
      child[L3,LD1]   {node[L3]   {A1}}
      child[L3,LD2]  {node[L3]   {A2}}
      child[L3,LD3]   {node[L3]   {A3}}
    child{node[L2] {BB  BB BB BB}
      child[L3,LD1]  {node[L3]   {B1}}
      child[L3,LD2]  {node[L3]   {B2}}
    child {node[L2] {C CC CCC}
      child[L3,LD1] {node[L3]   {C1}}
      child[L3,LD2] {node[L3]   {C2 C2 C2}
          child[L3,LD1] {node[L3,fill=red!30]   {C1}}
          child[L3,LD2] {node[L3,fill=red!30]   {C2}} 
      child[L3,LD=30]  {node[L3]   {C2 C2 C2}}

enter image description here

Real text in nodes, and number of nodes should not be too difficult to change and add.

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