I have 2 versions of Python on my machine. Version 2.7.10 can be invoked with python, whereas python3 uses 3.5.0 under the hood.

I'd like to use minted with python3, which is why I installed Pygments via pip3. When I compile a LaTeX document that contains minted macros, it can't find the library. I assume minted uses the standard python command and therefore version 2.7.10, which doesn't have Pygments installed.

Is there a way to tell minted to switch to version 3?

EDIT: As pointed out by G. Poore, minted invokes pygmentize. Although which pygmentize points to Pygments under version 3, I tried to set it manually:


Unfortunately I still get You must have 'pygmentize' installed to use this package with minted 2.1.


minted invokes the pygmentize script, which provides a command-line interface to Pygments. If minted can't find pygmentize, then the command-line scripts for Python 3 aren't available, and you probably need to modify your PATH.


I figured out that in my particular case TeXShop was causing the error. One must create a symlink within /Library/TeX/texbin to pygmentize (see this answer). Afterwards you can also omit to reset \MintedPygmentize.

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