I am using tikzposter and would like to change only one parameter of the blockstyle that I use and was already included in package (i.e. I did not define this blockstyle by myself).

Are there any "one-liners" for doing this, so that I would not have to copy the whole definition of the style before changing the default value of that one parameter?

Just to be concrete: here is the definition of the modified Default, where I have changed the value of the parameter titleinnersep from 1cm to 3mm:

    titlewidthscale=1, bodywidthscale=1, titlecenter,
    titleoffsetx=0pt, titleoffsety=0pt, bodyoffsetx=0pt, bodyoffsety=0pt,
    bodyverticalshift=0pt, roundedcorners=30, linewidth=0.4cm,
    titleinnersep=3mm, bodyinnersep=1cm 
 \begin{scope}[line width=\blocklinewidth, rounded corners=\blockroundedcorners]
    \ifBlockHasTitle %
    \draw[color=blocktitlebgcolor, fill=blocktitlebgcolor] (blockbody.south west) rectangle (blocktitle.north east);
    \draw[color=blocktitlebgcolor, fill=blockbodybgcolor] (blockbody.south west) rectangle (blockbody.north east);
    \draw[color=blocktitlebgcolor, fill=blockbodybgcolor] (blockbody.south west) rectangle (blockbody.north east);

(I could not find any better/more tags, feel free to edit them.)

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For the options listed in the manual, you can set the block style to default and add key-value parameters in the optional argument to \useblockstyle, e.g.


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