How can I write the else if block with condition with the usepackage algorithm2e?

I want to write the following with the algorithm2e package:

 }else if(condition){
  // code


%Header part
%\cfoot{center of the footer!}


\usepackage{ amssymb }



function search(v,w,s) \\
   binarsearch(v,w,s,0, |w|) \\

   binarsearch(v,w,s,l, r) \\

   \If{$v$ prefix of $w_s[m]$}{
      return true;
   }\ElseIf(elseif comment){
\label{alg: initializer}

To combine such conditions, write each as a separate component using \uIf and \uElseIf (and \uElse, if needed):

enter image description here




  \uIf{if condition}{
    something if \;
  \uElseIf{elseif condition}{
    something elseif \;
    something else \;
\caption{An algorithm}

  • this answer is helpful. – Primo Raj Jan 16 at 3:43

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