I've made a circuit with circuiTikz and I have the following problem: how to bend the arrow which is above number 1? Here is the photo of the circuit:circuit

So how to bend the arrow to get an arrow something like this:arrow

I give you the coding I've made so far.

(0,0)node[transformer core](T){}
      to[L,l=45 mT](-4,-2.1)


      to[vsourcesin,l=110 V](4,-2.1)
      to[push button](T.B2)

         to[empty led](-3.5,-4)

\draw(0,.4)node{\footnotesize 1.4 V$\leftarrow$ 110 V};

Please, do not change the codes, just bend the arrow which is above number 1. You can change the codes if you have a much much better way to draw it. Help me out of this, please.


Instead of lines in your MWE

\draw(0,.4)node{\footnotesize 1.4 V$\leftarrow$ 110 V};

try, if the following gives, what you like to obtain:

\draw[thick,-latex,shorten >=2mm, shorten <=2mm,in=30, out=150] 
    (T.north east) to node[above] {\footnotesize 1.4 V $\leftarrow$ 110 V} (T.north west);

enter image description here

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