The ocgcolorlinks option to hyperref will let you have colorful links on the screen that are black (or more generally, the textcolor) when printed.

Is there a way to have coloured hyperref hyperlinks in the PDF, but have them print "as if" they were black? (yes there is!)

I'm wondering if there is a way to do similar tricks with other applications of color in LaTeX? For instance, I have in mind \pagecolor and \color.


Is it possible to render a PDF in sepia tones? ... but have it print in black and white?


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Here's a useable work-around for the exact use case I had in mind, following answer from automatically inject code into preamble in cascading manner.


Make this executable.


pdflatex -jobname=$1 \\RequirePackage{sepia} \\input{$1}


Save this in ~/texmf/tex/latex/mystyles/


Compile files with spdflatex for sepia tones, pdflatex for b/w.

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