./demo.vrb:4: Undefined control sequence. \pdfmark [{\box \@tempboxa }]{pdfmark=/ANN,Subtype=/Movie,Movie=<... l.4 ...[width=\textwidth]{CNT2.png}}{CNTvideo.mov}

this is the error that I get when trying to compile my beamer presentation in overleaf.

here is my MWE


\frametitle{CNTs-Bioimaging and Functionalization}
\scriptsize{YouTube,. 'Deep Tissue Anatomical Imaging Of Mice With Carbon Nanotube Fluorophores In NIR II'. N.p., 2015. Web. 24 Nov. 2015.}

I can't understand what is the problem since the multimediapackage is uploaded and all the field options of \movie are filled. Could it be due to my template? In case here is the link



I had the same error and I was using XeLaTeX, which apparently doesn't support multimedia. I switched to LuaLaTeX and finally got a working movie in Okular.

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