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When discussing and explaining some math equations, I sometimes prefer to use in-line equations (created by use $ ... $ in the text) in the text environment, as shown ONLY in the last two lines.

However, you have seen that the long in-line equation


is ugly arranged in text, with very big space. Do you have any method to let this in-line equation (automatically) have a norm space between each term, and at the same time, the extra part of this long equation can (automatically) start from the next line? Thanks in advance.

  • If inline math takes more than one line, use display math. Note \shortintertext from mathtools. Dec 10 '15 at 16:08

Not using inline math here would be the normal advice!

Or set the sentence in a \raggedright (or \begin{flushleft}) as that is what you want it to do: allow lines to be short without stretching them to fit.

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