I recently updated my Miktex distribution. After that the makeglossaries command did not work anymore. I'm using WinEdt 9.1 to call makeglossaries. I reinstalled the whole Miktex distribution and reinstalled active perl. I tried to use makeglossaries from the command prompt with the same result. I used xindy from the command prompt. This worked, so I think it's not a problem with perl. I tried to compile this MWE:




Here is the message in the log file:

makeglossaries.exe: The script is not registered.
makeglossaries.exe: Data: scriptInterpreter="perl.exe", name="makeglossaries"

MakeGlossary failed to create a gls file.
For possible explanations start the command from the Command Prompt...

Has anybody an idea what I can try next?


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It was a bug from Miktex. Problem solved with the latest update.

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